Friday, October 24, 2008

mark your calendars...again!

That's right! I am doing the Oh Sweet Sadie Art and Gift Show, AGAIN! It was such a success in September that I thought I would do the Holiday Shows. I wasn't planning on it, but they put on a really great show and my products sold great.

So if you missed the last one, come and see me again this November. The show is going to be in Bountiful for the first time! So all you people up North are in for a treat.

Spread the news and come get some great Christmas gifts!

{I am doing Holiday 2 & 3}

What you can expect to see at the Fingers & Toes Booth:

{bib and burps set}
{hooded towels}
{wet sacks}
{swaddle blankets-if I find the time to squeeze them in}
{diaps & wipes cases}
{burp cloths}
{nursing covers}
{chalk mats/dine out mats}
{appliqued onesies}
{appliqued t-shirts}
{cloth toys}
{tag-a-long blankets}
{cuddle 'n' go blankets}
{crayons to go}
{little one gift sets}

can't now here!!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this great piece of information. will wait for these shows, hope it will be great!

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