Friday, October 17, 2008

you asked---you got it!

I have been asked many times if I make nursing covers so I thought I would finally do so. I have had the stuff to make it, but I kept using the fabric to make other things. But now it is time and I don't know why I waited so long...they are so easy to make and not to mention they serve a great purpose.

So here are the first 2!

Keep checking back in my shop to see the latest nursing covers!

Also coming soon----The Dine Out Mat!

I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten a spoon or bib when we go out to eat. Once I used the lid to the baby food(the plastic ones), folded it in half and scooped the food into my daughters mouth. It worked, but it was so messy...luckily I didn't forget the bib too!

Anyway, so I came up with The Dine Out Mat. It is a place mat with cotton on one side, and vinly on the other(coming soon, chalk vinyl, so your child can play while you wait...perfect for travel by plane or car...keep 'em busy!). It has a pocket to hold a plastic spoon, fork, travel wipes, and a bib...made by fingers and toes....ALL included with the mat! It folds up nicely into a small clutch size and can fit in any diaper bag or your purse.

These Dine Out Mats will make your life a little easier when you can hold all your little one's feeding needs in one place. I know I will be enjoying it!

The one above is the PROTOTYPE...which is for sale on Etsy...for only $15(normally $30). I had to play around a little to make it just right, and of course the first one never turns out right. So I am selling it for half price, if you want it and don;t mind little imperfections.

Keep checking back for more. And like I said before, I will be making them with chalk vinyl so your child has something to do while waiting.

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