Monday, November 10, 2008

Holiday Special!

I am pleased to announce I am a member of the EtsyBaby Team...this includes great deals and great shopping all the time!

has kicked off holiday season on Friday, November 7th with their 2nd Annual Holiday Hunt Promotion!!!!!

andee Cayne, EtsyBABY's Holiday Helper, loves to play Hide 'N Seek! EtsyBABY needs YOUR help to find where Candee Cayne has hidden! We need her back in the EtsyBABY nursery by November 30th, to help EtsyBABY members prepare for all of the holiday goodies that are purchased! She has hidden in multiple EtsyBABY Member shops and the shop owners are generously offering rewards!

For participating shops, please follow this link:

Find Candee Cayne and see what great deal you will receive! She is hidden in more than one item!!!

Start Shopping Now! Go here!

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